This fabric is often presented in the strong twill construction which is characterised by it's visible diagonal nerves. The dyed indigo warp, vertical thread, natural colour filling and horizontal thread are combined in this fabric.


In the classic sense, jeans are casual pants made of heavy weight indigo Denim, featuring five pockets, six rivets, contrast stitching, five to seven  belt loops and a zip or button fly.


Vegetable dye chromatically defined ''between blue and purple'' used to dye cotton thread from which denim is made. Its incompatibility with cotton means that the indigo dye never fully penetrates the fiber, giving the jeans an irregular  and unique look that increases with use.

Jeans are among the most popular clothing items on the market today. While different cuts of these denim pants go in and out of the original style, they remain a staple piece of clothing in many people's wardrobes.

The right pair of jeans fits in at an evening out at a club, or to simply go to the grocery store and run daily errands. Jeans are an integral part of most people's wardrobes due to their durability and versatility.

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