The Benefits of Cotton Baby Clothing

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Cotton and Your Baby

How does this affect our children? Did you know that a baby’s skin is more porous and thinner than an adult’s skin? That means that their skin absorbs things very easily. Johnson and Johnson states on the their website, “A baby’s skin is thinner, more fragile and less oily than an adult’s. 

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A baby’s skin also produces less melanin, the substance that helps protect against sunburn. It’s less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, especially if it’s irritated. Babies also sweat less efficiently than the rest of us, so it’s harder for them to maintain their inner body temperature.”

This means that children are at greater risk for pesticide-related health problems than adults

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Think how much choosing cotton baby clothing for your children cuts down on their exposure to toxins.

Cotton clothes is safer, sturdier and it feels great! Cotton clothing may be more expensive when you first buy it, but when compared to the cheaper clothes  it gives you your money’s worth. Conventionally produced material lasts 10-20 washes before it starts to break down. Cotton material lasts for 100 washes or more before it begins to wear down.




Why Cotton Clothing?

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7 reasons why is it important to wear cotton clothes for the kids


1. It helps protect your child


2. It helps to prevent allergy for your child


3. It is a sturdier fabric


4. It saves your money


5. It feels amazing inside and out


6. It supports a true economy


7. It supports a healthier environment


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